What makes Sucuk & Bratwurst one of the most successful 3D artist collectives out there? Sure, there is the fact that Denis and Lukas Olgac, Alessandro Belliero, and David Gönner have been friends since kindergarten and one day decided to join forces and create cool animated things. They haven’t stopped since and over the last years have gained loads of experience creating awesome designs for a wide variety of clients like Mugler, Rihanna or Nike just to do the obvious name dropping. Probably though, the most important ingredient for Sucuk & Bratwurst’s recipe for success is how the artists translate humor into their work and therefore managed to create a very distinctive visual language. Lukas Olgac tells us more.


What does Sucuk & Bratwurst stand for creatively?

For a humorous approach to life and for not taking everything so seriously. You probably already notice that when reading our name.



You translate your humor into work, which therefore gets a personal touch. Is that part of your success recipe?

With humor, life is much more fun. This feeling of having fun and enjoying life we want to convey with our work and bring it closer to the viewer so they can enjoy a little time out from everyday stress.


You managed to establish Sucuk & Bratwurst as one of THE 3D artist collectives globally. What has changed over the years?

We evolved a lot those past years and kind of really grew up. Knowing how to lead a company in a sensible and structured way and how to manage clients so that you can work respectfully with each other as equals were two of the most important lessons.
This structured approach and transparency in communication has allowed us to build a broad customer base that keeps on coming back to us with new projects they want to visualize with us. Also, over time, we have also been expanding our creative network even more, which now is more important than ever. You know how it is: with an increasing volume and complexity of requests, it is necessary to be working closely with an extended Sucuk & Bratwurst family.



Rihanna, Mugler, Dior – everyone seems to want a taste of Sucuk & Bratwurst. What has been your favorite project to work on so far?

It’s always an honor to work for such big names and we do have a lot of fun creating them. But what we still enjoy most is working on our own projects like building 3D sculptures or designing our own merchandise. With these projects we don’t have to take feedback from a commercial client into account and can just let our wildest creative dreams flow.


One of your most recent strikes was the logo animation for Mugler. When working for a huge brand like this, how do you start the process?

Those signature Mugler-videos are all over social media and it was up to us to design a suitable intro. We decided on a concept that is based on the appearance of the models in the video, namely that the letters “fall” piece by piece into the picture.



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Ein Beitrag geteilt von SUCUK & BRATWURST (@sucukundbratwurst)


Another portfolio highlight is the clip you created for Rihanna’s vinyl release. Can you tell us about the idea behind the clip?

The idea of the project was to show Rihanna’s musical “life story” within a coherent and visually appealing clip to the fans once again. The recurring stylistic device of the transformation from object to vinyl was meant to show Rihanna’s evolution over the decades. The objects are based either on Rihanna’s personal characteristics or on key elements of the respective album.


Did you get to hear Rihanna’s personal feedback?

We were not in contact with her directly but worked closely with her management. They always told us what she liked or where she would like to have something changed. She came back to us with almost only positive feedback.



Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von SUCUK & BRATWURST (@sucukundbratwurst)


The field of 3D animation design moves incredibly quickly. Where do you find inspiration to keep on being on top of the game?

We get our inspiration from all sorts of things in everyday life, whether it’s simply walking around, talking to friends or we find something inspiring on social media. Through the many different impressions that each of us collects in everyday life, much collides and results in the sum of a colorful potpourri from which we can help ourselves in our work.


What role does Instagram play in your creative process?

Through Instagram or social media in general, the user’s attention span and receptivity have decreased a lot. We as creators have to adapt to these circumstances, which for us means making the clips and animations as short and as fascinating as possible so that people can’t their eyes off for at least 15 seconds.


How has technology opened up new opportunities for art-making?

It’s a huge advantage for the creation of sculptures. These can be well prepared in 3D and clarify to the production easier to explain what you have in mind (or even directly create as a 3D print). Besides the advantage in the physical art world, the digital art market is currently developing at high speed and allows various NFT platforms to emerge. This is an excellent opportunity for creatives of any kind and from anywhere in the world to establish themselves as creators and earn money independently.



If there was anything you could change about the creative industries, what would it be?

We would really like to see the creative industry and creative work, in general, be appreciated more, and artists be well respected and also paid accordingly. Far too often, commercial clients, in particular, forget the difference between employed graphic designers and freelance artists. Oftentimes they approach projects with the wrong expectations when really both sides, artists and clients, would benefit equally from an eye-to-eye encounter.


What will the future of 3D animation design look like?

There will be a lot of simplification and many prefabricated templates. Or maybe there will be an AI helping to achieve optimal results so it’s not only reserved for “professionals” to create CGI but also more and more laymen (or the brands themselves internally). This will help to create even faster and more optimized 3D works or reveal even more possibilities to implement certain ideas.



Sucuk & Bratwurst are one of our headliners at Forward Festival Berlin 2022, where the collective will share more about their most successful projects.