23 international artists have collaborated and designed the new “Support Your Local Dealer”-T-Shirt. The third edition revolves around a “Rave New World”.


Round three! While the motto “This is not a T-Shirt, this is a non-profit project” stays the same, some things have changed and evolved for the third edition of “Support Your Local Dealer” by Solidarithek.

While it stays the same that the sheer amount of 23 international artists, including a design by yours truly Forward Festival in collaboration with Zwupp and Forward speaker Mirko Borsche, joined forces to create something unique, the concept evolved within the ever-changing times we live in.



The intention of helping people in need is as strong as ever, the focus, however, not only lays on creatives and small business owners but also on NGOs. Mission Life line, Cub Mission Berlin, Togetherwepush Düsseldorf or Sea Watch all “Support Your Local Dealer.”



The “Rave New World”-edition is a metaphor for a Club Solidarité. It is a homage to rave culture and its pillars of tolerance, unity, and free love – the part of our lives, which got affected tremendously by COVID19. All the artists picked up the theme quite literally to create an amazing picture in our heads.



The designs are as diverse as the artists themselves but are unified by the same message: A vision of a club culture where no guestlist is needed, you dance carefree next to the carebear and the music appears copulative. To bring this metaphor to life, it needs one thing that will always stay the same: standing together no matter the border, the beliefs, or the discipline.



All of the collected profit goes directly to the supported projects which are located all over the globe from Berlin to Uganda.



Find all the info and order your T-Shirt here.


The T-Shirt got created by these 23 creatives: