ARTE’s “Summer of… brothers and sisters” pays homage to famous family ties and shines a light on the special bond between siblings. The accompanying campaign was brought to life by KesselsKramer and Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, capturing siblings in a casual aesthetic


This summer, ARTE will be showcasing documentaries on famous families like the Kennedys or the Versaces, but also focus on siblings like Venus and Serena Williams, and show concerts of bands with siblings at the core like Oasis or The Neville Brothers. KesselsKramer, the creative agency founded by Erik Kessels and Johan Kramer in 1996, joined forces with Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek (who is part of the forward creative network) to create a campaign, envisioning the special bond between siblings.



Inciting about the campaign is that it restrains from romanticizing the subject matter. Rather, the – at times – brutal experience of growing up with siblings is shown in a playful way. The childhood experiences from the creatives involved inspired the outcome of the campaign. KesselsKramers’ creative director Maartje Slijpen puts it this way: “This years “Summer of…” campaign illustrates this special dynamic between brothers and sisters. It’s simultaneously recognizable and absurd, pretty complex and completely normal. And as real as life itself.”



The campaign’s aesthetic immediately puts the viewer back in time, bringing back memories of one’s own childhood. The team experimented with “old and cheap camera techniques, a messy set design and vintage styling to make us feel like we were back in the days.”, says photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, who has been working on ARTE’s “Summer of…” campaigns with KesselsKramer multiple times before. With humor and a touch of sarcasm, the campaign invites you to revisit your own childhood and be enriched, entertained and inspired by this summer of movies, concerts and documentaries.



Image Credits: ©KesselsKramer