What happens when you make an algorithm hallucinate?

Forward Festival speaker Refik Anadol’s latest audiovisual exhibition features the mind of a machine that generates AI Hallucinations by using realtime tracking data from the audience, making them the ones feeding and steering the machine. In addition to the movements of the visitors, the deep-learning algorithm has been fed 9 million photographic memories of Berlin, which it uses to create a collective unconscious of the city and its people.

As a pioneer on the field, Refik Anadol explores the possibilities of AI aesthetics and questions the relationship between artificial intelligence and human engagement. Instead of trying to make humans more machine-like, he finds it more interesting to make machines more human.

Learn more about Refik’s approach at Forward Festival Vienna on the 16th – 17th of April, where he will be sharing his studio’s unique journey with light as a material and architecture as a canvas.

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