The current situation is hard enough already but it is even harder if you have financial problems due to the circumstances. This is why we want to help out our community in the creative industries not only by connecting them and giving them a platform but also by supporting them a little bit financially.

Here’s how it goes down:

We open one slot per week in our Online Magazine & you get to fill it with your creativity.

This could be

      • a tutorial,
      • an article sharing your experiences
      • a live-painting video
      • anything you want to contribute to this situation in the creative community right now.
        There is no limit to your creativity! Surprise us!

What we can offer

      • 150€
      • all the reach our social media & communication channels can offer
      • a ticket for Forward Festivals after the crisis

All you have to do is

    • briefly pitch us your idea in one sentence here
    • once your idea is accepted, you get an email from us
    • you implement your idea and send us your work
    • we publish it
    • you get rewarded

Sounds good? 
Here we go!



The Moon Exhibition is an ongoing longterm project by Forward aiming to support up-and-coming artists from diverse disciplines. Every Monday, we share your artworks on our instagram account and give you the opportunity to be discovered by other creatives. In the past years, and after 136 Mondays, a curated “Best Of” of the Moon Exhibition Artworks was displayed at the Forward Festivals in Vienna, Munich, Zurich and Hamburg.

While we do believe that it is important to be discovered, we know it is even more important to be paid – especially in times like these. For us, this crisis is also a time of uncertainty, but we decided to use some of our ad budget to share some of it with our Forward network. We are aware that this is only a small contribution that cannot fix the problem itself but we think a little can go a long way.


The rights for all the work created for this project remain with the creator – we will not use it for any other purpose. While we wish we could help everyone, we have to select your ideas. There is a participation limit: you are free to send in several ideas but you can only be published once. If you have already been published, we cannot consider further ideas.

If you have any further questions about the Lockdown Special, feel free to contact us at

Stay safe & sane!