The Moon Exhibition Lockdown Special aims to support the creative community during the crisis by connecting them and giving them a platform to express their ideas.

Isolated times lead to creative ideas, and we received plenty of interesting projects which we will be sharing in the following weeks. In our sixth edition, DVTK present their online participative project Through The Window.


About the Project is an online participative platform designed by DVTK during the COVID-19 crisis. By
collecting snapshots taken by people locked-down all around the world, the platform aims to create a virtual collective landscape. As we are all being locked indoors, thanks to the Internet, we connect and create together, beyond time and space.



Once an image is imported, it melts down into the landscape so that each individual snapshot cannot be distinguished
anymore. Composed of everyone’s sky color as seen through their window, the result is an ever-evolving canvas which
melts together all the skies. As when staring at the clouds in the sky, we look at this abstract collective feed that is always in motion.



Alongside the platform itself, we have sought to produce computer generated images to share the outcome as a finished piece. We came up with 3 visuals – 2 still images and 1 video, that are indoor views of an imaginary exhibition, showing this collective landscape of nature.





About The Creatives

DVTK is a creative duo established in 2015 composed by Kim Boutin and David Broner. They focus on creating digital
experiences that can take any form – a website, an interactive installation, a virtual reality set up, a mobile app. Whatever digital device is chosen as a medium, the duo always seek to create a visual language that involves interaction, meaning and therefore emotion. The duo has been commissioned by many fashion and luxury brands – among them KENZO, Dior, Nike, Fiorucci, Galeries Lafayette and Fornasetti.

Alongside their studio practice, Kim and David are also involved in education, as lecturers or jury member in art schools (London College of Fashion, ECAL, KABK, Sandberg Institute, Gobelins, Olivier de Serres) and designed several self-initiated projects such as Load More, Online Together and Through the Window.


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