What does the future of homes has in store for us?


Tuesday, 27. September 2022: How will life change in the next months, years and centuries? Many companies today are searching for an answer to this question, because they want to offer the right product at the right time, so that it is perceived by customers as being appropriate and in line with their needs. But what is trendy now and what is going to be in the next season, especially when it comes to something so intimate and unique as our homes?


As part of the Forward Festival, MADE.COM celebrated the release of the
Never Ordinary Trend Report, which contains interesting predictions about how our future homes will adapt to the ever-changing world around us.

In the Never Ordinary Trend Report MADE uncovered six trends that show how the future home will change to meet our new and ever-changing lifestyles. Whether it’s sofas made from pineapple shells, chairs made from CO2-absorbing materials, self-healing furniture, wave-shaped forks or hyperreality rooms, our future home is all about innovation. With the help of technology and the need for multifunctionality, we will find new ways to express our individualism and creativity while developing a lifestyle for our families and ourselves that is ultimately more responsible.


Launch event at MADE.COM Brand Space Berlin with a live interview with Dr. Antonia Ward, Chief Futurist at Stylus, a London-based trend forecasting and analysis agency.
Dan Elton, Chief Customer Officer, MADE.COM and Nicky Line, Chief Product & Sourcing Officer, MADE.COM:

“As we have shown in this report, the world and the way we furnish our homes will change and evolve dramatically over the next few years. No two homes will ever be the same. As a retailer that is also constantly evolving and innovating in design, it’s incredibly exciting to look back at where we’ve come from and predict where we might be in the next few years. Although it is difficult to know exactly which of the predicted trends will be reflected in our everyday lives in the immediate future, we know that MADE.COM will continue to innovate and grow with the needs of our customers. With the needs of our customers – playing an important role in shaping the visions of our customers’ homes”