Marcus Fairs is a journalist who became an entrepreneur or as he describes it: He is someone who thought he wanted to be a designer, wasn’t very good at design, then discovered journalism and became an entrepreneur.


More than a decade ago, Marcus launched his blog called Dezeen which is now “the most popular design magazine in the world” (he has the data to proof that). In 2017 we invited him to speak at Forward Festival Vienna and his talk is still captivating and relevant. Tune in and hear all about Marcus’ background, the story of the online magazine, the design and more. Let yourself be carried away by Marcus’ enthusiasm.



In April he and his team of Dezeen started the Virtual Design Festival for which we had the honor of hosting one day of content: Forward x VDF. The Virtual Design Festival is still going on until July, 10th – make sure to not miss the diverse and inspiring program!


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