Maxon, the developers of Cinema 4D, recently published their cutting-edge Christmas clip thanking motion designers, 3D developers and engineers worldwide to celebrate getting creative with Maxon tools, to which ones now also ZBrush is added.


Striking 3D designs, futuristic AI art, or magical motion design have one thing in common: They are brought to life with the help of Maxon. Whether it be Ines Alpha’s futuristic face filters, Found Studio’s cutting-edge CGI, or Nikita Diakur’s signature film characters, Cinema 4D makes all that charm possible. To honor all the artists who have been creating digital magic using Maxon, the company created a Christmas clip the only way they know how to: with a high-end motion design film.



Maxon looks back on a year full of new innovative tools, creative events and exciting collaborations, which just got richer by one more. For their newest partnership, ZBRUSH joins the family and brings cutting-edge 3D sculpting and painting expertise to Maxon. ZBrush is used by film studios, game developers, designers, advertisers and scientists around the world. The tool has been doing its magic for major franchise including Dune, Star Wars, Avatar, or Lord Of The Rings, has also made an integral part of animated features such as Frozen or Zootopia and has extensively been used in Triple-A games like Fortnite or Assassin’s Creed. Together, Maxon and Pixologic create the tools that populate and make the metaverse beautiful.


(c) Mike Heath