Nothing quite compares to the feeling of writing down your ideas in an analogue notebook. Especially in our digitized times keeping track of your thoughts and inspirations in a classic way seems to be essential for the creative process. Our friends at nuuna create the most beautiful notebooks and know exactly how to make the perfect shroud for your ideas.


The makers of the notebook label nuuna are convinced: notebooks hold a special potential that is absolutely contemporary even in digital times. They function more slowly and directly than fleeting virtual worlds – opening a book can have a decelerating and sensory sharpening effect. At the same time, as various studies have shown, analogue writing and drawing anchor themselves better and more long-term in the mind. The notebook is therefore a versatile instrument of our time and the perfect complement to digital tools.



To do justice to this potential, nuuna produces notebooks in which you can not only write ideas, but which have one themselves. Each nuuna idea storage has an individual 360° cover design that also includes the book edges and turns the book into a real design object. The cover art works, which include brilliant screen printing, range from clean typography to playful patterns and painterly structures. nuuna notebooks are available in specially developed formats that fit particularly well in the hand. Inside, there is a discreet dot grid that is wonderfully suitable for writing and sketching.



The book experts draw their inspiration from the things they love: Architecture, fashion, literature, art and design. For the composition of their books, they often work together with artists and designers. In the process, the design and material decisions are always exploring the boundaries of book design and production anew. Quality and sustainable production are central here. The books are made 100% in Germany with materials that not only feel really good, but are also durable: for example, recycled leather, which is made from punching scraps from leather production, imitation leather or jeans label material, a natural fibre material that is vegan and particularly robust. The book blocks are made of 120g premium paper that comes from sustainably managed forests and is Cradle to Cradle certified, all screen printing inks used are based on vegetable oils. In addition, nuuna supports reforestation with the Bergwaldprojekt e.V. initiative.



nuuna is brandbook’s premium notebook collection. For more than two decades, the book manufacturer has specialised in the production of notebooks, image books and calendars for corporate customers. A comprehensive selection of exceptional cover materials and papers as well as exciting printing and finishing techniques turn the books produced by brandbook into unmistakable brand ambassadors.



With the nuuna collection, the book experts have succeeded in making it possible for private customers to find the perfect notebook or sketchbook in the retail trade. The nuuna notebooks are represented worldwide in bookstores, museum shops and concept stores from Guadeloupe to Tokyo. Since 2012, the Frankfurt-based company has been developing new book concepts in their studio with a love of detail, testing materials and finishing processes with the aim of constantly reinterpreting the medium of the book. The result: the beginning of the end of boring notebooks.