Since people in many parts of the world can’t go outside and enjoy nature and art, Olafur Eliasson lets you bring both within your own walls.

The recent project of artist Olafur Eliasson is a collaboration with Acute Art and it’s called WUNDERKAMMER. To enjoy it, simply download the app and create your own cabinet of curiosities in augmented reality by bringing objects, outdoor phenomena, and smaller spatial experiments by Olafur to your home.



Discover new friends like a puffin or a ladybird, fill up on vitamin D by inviting the sun inside, water your plants with a raincloud or simply play with objects designed by Olafur.



Olafur says: “Today, where physical distancing guides our lives, it’s as crucial as ever that we surround ourselves with things and atmospheres that really matter to us. All elements of the WUNDERKAMMER play a role in my life. Some are objects that we normally take for granted – and I feel they should be celebrated like the wonders they, in fact, are. Other elements in the collection will be more experimental, such as light sculptures and objects that are invisible to the eye until you ‘catch’ them with your hand. The artwork is about challenging our perception of the everyday and actively welcoming that which lies on the boundary between the known and the unknown. It is about creating spaces that meld the everyday and the extraordinary – spaces that evoke vivid perceptions and embodied engagement.



Just like in many of his other artworks, once again the viewer is confronted with the topic of climate change and encouraged to think about how the crisis will affect the environment. While celebrating the beauty of nature through the app, he wants you to think about how to proceed once the pandemic is over.


The ‘experimental setup’ for this project is only one part of the artwork according to Olafur. WUNDERKAMMER unfolds from the meeting up of the artistic setup, its environment, and people.


Find out more about the project on Olafur’s website and download the app here.