The very limited edition of the Doggystyle Calendar 2022 by photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek is a newly released gem you can’t just flick through. With his new passion project, Daniel is once again up to make us happy showing hip doggos in an everyday life habitat. 



Each month of 2022 he introduces us to an unseen hairy world. You have a chance to spend August with curly Berta from Kreuzberg who cooks soup before going to Berghain, join Amok having much fun while listening to R.Kelly and being covered in foil because of radiation in November or witness Berlin-based artist Sam from Schiba Inu family confessing that he never barked once in his life in January. Who knows, perhaps Doggystyle might serve as great inspiration for your 2022 new year resolutions.



Daniel’s work is about passion. This isn’t his first time photographing animals — you may remember his “Jumping Cats series” and Alpacas Calendar from a while back. Through the newest self-published calendar you can trace a strong emotional attachment and burning fire for creating new, fresh and subtly funny photography as if translating dreams into pictures.


With his roots in the alps of Austria, Tyrol, Daniel is now based between Berlin and Vienna. Back in 2008, he moved to New York to learn at legendary Magnum Photos. Since then he has released award-winning art publications and exhibited throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S. Daniel masterfully creates between personal and commissioned work with such a global brands, like Apple, Helmut Lang, The New York Times and BMW.

If you want to find out who is the most laziest dog on Wall street, order your Doggystyle Calendar here