Every month, the Forward Magazine brings you a selection of musical pearls hand-picked by friends, musicians, speakers of the Forward Festival and many more. The 22nd edition is curated by Forward Festival speaker Annie Atkins.


Every creative knows the struggle: The deadline is coming closer and closer, but you need to stay relaxed for the sake of the project. For phases like this, music is key and Annie Atkins created the ideal playlist. She describes her compilation which she called “Looming Deadlines” like this: “It’s the music I listen to when I’m under pressure but need to keep a calm composure… big beats and relaxed melodies!”. So press play and feel the music push your productivity like no coffee ever possibly could!



Annie Atkins has one degree in Visual Communication and one degree in Film Production. Immediately after graduation, she started her career at the series “The Tudors,” designing all kinds of royal scrolls, stained glass, and ancient maps.


Annie is specialized in graphics for filmmaking, which means that she makes any graphic pieces outlined by a period film script — like postage stamps and banknotes to help create Wes Anderson’s fictional “State of Zubrowka” or shopfront signs and fake passports for Steven Spielberg’s “New York”.


Find out more about Annie on her speaker profile and experience her talk at Forward Festival Vienna.