Every month, the Forward Magazine brings you a selection of musical gems hand-picked by friends, musicians, speakers of the Forward Festival and many more. The 26th edition was curated by Marlene Kager, one of the masterminds behind Yanchi – the virtual art & music festival.


To support the creative community during the pandemic, Forward launched the Moon Exhibition – Lockdown Special. One of the featured projects is Yanchi by Marlene Kager & Maximilian Prag. A mix of a virtual festival that can be explored as a first-person videogame and also curates digital art and music experiences.


Since we wont be going to a music festival anytime soon, Yanchi is the perfect substitute. We enjoyed the festival experience so much, we asked them to compile a playlist in the Yanchi-spirit. You have nothing more to do than to press shuffle, enjoy the music and have fun dancing!



If you haven’t explored Yanchi yet, find all you need to know here.