Every month, the Forward Magazine brings you a selection of musical gems hand-picked by friends, musicians, speakers of the Forward Festival and many more. For the 27th edition we reached out to Drieke Leenknegt, Global Brand Innovator and Forward speaker. In full support of BLM (Black Lives Matters) she opted to pass the mic to Kenwyn Forgenie. Drieke Leenknegt : “I have known Kenwyn for many years and since my time in China. He is one of the most inspiring cultural translators I worked with. I am sure his selection will be a great source of inspiration for your audience”.


Kenwyn did not hesitate for a second and accepted the kind invitation immediately. To honor the strong woman Drieke is, he drew his inspiration for the playlist from her: not only is she a mother and a wife, but she has also been making her career at NIKE for 20 years where she held leadership positions in Europe, China, and the U.S and recently took over the position as CMO for Timberland – therefore she is a true role model for young women.



Enjoy the mix of feel-good R&B music with hidden messages to be a boss, and always remember who run the world: GIRLS! The female artists are all role models – bosses in their own way, just like Drieke is.

The intention behind the selection was to let young women feel like a BOSS from the beginning, think in the middle, and by the ending, back in BOSS mode.


Kenwyn Forgenie is a culture enthusiast. He loves to travel, listen to 90’s music, his personal motto is “love live life”, and he truly does that. Make sure to check out his portfolio and browse through his staggering projects for clients like Beats by Dre, Converse and Nike.


Title Image: BSF Nigeria for ‘Above the Noise‘ Campaign by Kenwyn for Beats by Dre.