Every month, the Forward Magazine brings you a selection of noteworthy tracks hand-picked by friends, musicians, speakers of the Forward Festival, and many more. The 42nd edition is a selection by artist Kelli Anderson, who will be speaking at Forward Festival Vienna this October!


Kelli Anderson is an animator, designer and artist with a special fondness for paper. She regularly pushes the limits of the materials she is working with, transforming books into pinhole cameras or into a whole planetarium. Another of her impressive projects is a working paper record, playing an original song as part of a wedding invitation. There are virtually no limits that Kelli faces when using paper in unusual and new ways, always reimagining each fold, cut and property that comes with it and shaping it into forms no one has thought of before. If you find yourself reaching the limits of your imagination when it comes to paper, you can check out Kelli Andersons blog here and get not only inspired but also proven wrong about everything you thought you knew about paper in the first place.



For our newest Press Forward edition, Kelli Anderson is taking us into a whirlwind of vibrant beats and bold rhythms. Featuring dreamy sounds like So we won´t forget by Khruangbin in a Mang Dynasty version and over to the vivid soundscape Moss II by Elori Saxl to indie songs like Blessed by Good Sad Happy Bad, this playlist is filled with music to surprise you and maybe even find your new favorite song you didn´t know you were missing yet. Kelli Anderson provides you with songs to keep you in a world of nostalgic sounds with Seeing Triple by Cones while also making you feel like you are in a dream with songs like Ain´t No Weight by Blue Eyed Soul. This playlist very much reflects Kelli Andersons art as a unique and fascinating combination of possibilities just with tunes instead of paper and we love to listen to it.



Find out more about Kelli Andersons work and her art and animations on her Instagram!