“Brainstorming is ten people in a room masturbating – slightly embarrassing and always messy at the end”


This must be one of your favorites quotes by Erik Kessels. Last week we had him over to sign some of his books for you and ever since we have been flicking through them, pointing out our favorite quotes and pictures.

Now the books are piling up on our desks waiting for you to discover them and maybe even get your hands on a signed copy.
Let us help you decide.


Advertising For People Who Don’t Like Advertising



“Let your hobby fuel your work and and vice versa”


Advertising For People Who Don’t Like Advertising is a book about a communications agency that doubts most communications.
KesselsKramer’s skepticism has led to a style of advertising which aims to be human and truthful.
Sometimes, it succeeds. Sometimes, it doesn’t.
In this book, KesselsKramer documents its creative efforts, offers advice, and reaches out to skeptics whom it admires. Among them: Alex Bogusky, Stefan Sagmeister, Steve Henry, Anthony Burrill, Hans Aarsman and Mark Fenske.


Failed It!



“Pretty much everyone who has ever tried anything has cupboards full of botched attempts, rejection letters and memories of being passed over and ignored”


Failed it! by Erik Kessels is a celebration of failure and imperfection. From the happy accidents of amateur photographers to major blunders by professional designers , this pocket-sized guide proves that making mistakes and having the courage to fail results in both original ideas and creative success. The book is illustrated by artists that inspire Erik and that have mastered the art of celebrating mistakes and oddities like no other. Among them are Matt Stuart, PutPut, Joachim Schmid, Kurt Caviezel, Lucas Blalock and many others.


“If you don’t feel like an idiot at least once a day, you need to work less and play more”


In Almost Every Picture #15



The 15th edition of this photobook series featured images censored by a woman who loved her man so much, she wishes to never see him with anyone else but her. Rather than destroying or discarding the pictures entirely, her markings let everyone know, He’s mine.




While assembling this collection of ‘found’ images, a thought arose: isn’t reading in the nude a wonderful thing. A notion seemingly from a bygone era, when we would happily spend whole days in bed not worrying about whether we were wasting time. A period when we had much less shame of our bodies, when being naked did not necessarily mean being exposed.
Therefore, to encourage the growth of this bizarre and fantastic phenomenon we invite you to submit your own ‘reading nude’. To allow yourself to be liberated between the pages.


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