Over the last years, the London-based photographer Peter Zelewski took portraits of identical twins, which resulted in his project “Alike But Not Alike.” He explores the similarities as well as the striking differences between twins and askes: how identical are they really?




It all started with Kira and Taya. Zelewski stumbled upon the pair in the busy streets of London and was intrigued by their fiery hair and ineffable connection. “Their bond, their closeness and their uniformity gave the twins a certain air of confidence which seemed to invisibly unite them as one, it was fascinating. Needless to say, I was hooked”, the artist recollects in Huckmag Magazine.




The photographer features excerpts of conversations with his subjects along with every portrait, thus looking beyond their indistinguishability even more. Since the beginning of the project, Peter Zelewski photographed over 40 sets of twins. He found that the more pairs he photographed, the more the visual attraction was overshadowed by their subtle differences and individual traits.