Every month we collaborate with wemakeit, in order to show you successful projects and behind-the-scene knowledge from the projects’ initiators. It’s amazing to see what the combination of creative ideas and the power of people can create.


In this third edition, we present you 4 successful projects from different creative fields.


We show you one single travel guide for every city in the world, how to compost your organic waste with worms in your home and an augmented reality comic, which lets you emerge completely in the world of the characters. But first, we start of with a design magazine that’s also political and aims to spark debates.


Konsens Magazine


The makers of the Konsens Magazine believe that there are already enough magazines out there that deal with design and trends on a technical level. Only a few magazines use design as a mean to talk about society and politics. Konsens wants to fill that gap and therefore contribute to the diversity of opinions.



In the first edition, texts provide background information about Russia and the western perception of this country. The pictures do the opposite. They display the visual presentation of Russia in movies and reinforce the prevalent western image.




The Konsens Magazine wants to critically question, provoke, show new points of view and encourage discussion – all with great content as well as beautiful design.




Individual tourism increasingly pushes its limits. On our exerted quest for uniqueness and authentic experiences, we often end up finding the foreseeable and fear of missing out. It is getting harder to discover places without having any expectations.



Therefore, it’s time for a change: leave the predetermined travel experiences and enter the space of the unknown, the surprising and the leisure. DSCVR doesn’t guide you through the city, it inspires you to get lost.




It motivates you to interact with the cultures and prompts you to reflect your experiences. The best of all: it works for every city in the world.




Dark Matters


Matières Noires is an augmented reality comic. In this dark speechless tragic-comedy, we follow three characters, each of them with their troubles, neuroses and loneliness.



Each page contains hidden elements that will appear on your phone or tablet, letting you get into the minds of the characters and acting as a key to better understand the way they see the world.




The book is released with a free app, which uses image recognition to add new visual elements, as well as sound, to every page via your smartphone or tablet.


The Fine Art of Composting


The makers of the WormUp-Composter have an ambitious goal: no more precious bio waste in regular garbage cans. Instead the organic waste we produce every day should be recycled in a simple and cool way.



WormUp also wants to make it possible to recycle where the waste is generated – for example at home or in the office. Their solution is as simple as effective: just place the organic waste in a worm composter.




The worms digest the waste and convert it to high-quality fertilizer for your plants. It’s a win-win for everyone and especially for nature.