Round four! Right in time for Christmas, Berlin-based collective _thek launched their newest “Support your local dealer” project. This time though, it’s not one T-Shirt but a whole mini collection created by various designers with one goal: to support NGOs, humanitarian causes and small business owners.


True to the motto “One design, one good cause” _thek gathered four creatives to design a mini collection consisting of classic black and white Tees as well as hoodies to help out four non-profit organizations. Like the three times before this one, the full profit is shared equally among the supported businesses and projects.


Depending on your style and on the cause you want to help funding with your cash, you can choose out of four pieces. There is a hoodie with a pink illustration by KrashKid, which supports DeinTopf Hamburg, an organization that gives out groceries and food to socially disadvantaged people. There is a “Club Solidarity” T-Shirt with a graphic by designer Lina Ehrentraut, which collects for Berlin’s newspaper Karuna Kompass.



The collection’s third piece was designed by WorkOutServices and with their “No guestlist needed” graphic supports the NGO Mission Lifeline, and last but not least, the final piece’s profit by creative Charlotte Rohde will be donated to Project MauerfallJetzt. Made your choice?



Behind “Support your local dealer” stands “Solidarithek”, a public charity brought to life as a way of dealing with the current crisis, with jobs disappearing and small businesses and creative ventures struggling big time. It was founded by people from different fields of work: Freelancers from arts and culture, hospitality, non-profit organizations and the collective Studio _thek from Berlin and Düsseldorf, who also graced Forward Festival Berlin with a hands-on workshop.