This year’s festival in Berlin was our biggest yet. With an impressive lineup of over 40 speakers gracing the stages at HKW Berlin and an additional 20+ exceptional speakers in Vienna, we are absolutely thrilled to share with you that this was FORWARD FESTIVAL 2023!


We would like to review the experiences, the speakers, the happenings, and the parties. We enjoyed every moment, every inspiring talk, and everyone we met, including the great audience this year. Many thanks to everyone who shared these wonderful moments with us.
Forward Festival Berlin

In September, creatives from around the world gathered in Berlin to hear talks, participate in interactive tutorials and hands-on workshops, and of course, celebrate creativity. Over 2,000 visitors followed talks by Malika Favre, Baugasm, Studio Feixen, Esra Gülmen, and many others at HKW Berlin, the center for creativity, design, and communication.


Main Stage


There, international heavyweights presented their inspiring talks, ranging from illustration and graphic design to AI/AR and typography. Baugasm captivated the audience with his stunning visuals and a talk on adapting to the ever-evolving creative industry and its technological advancements. Jim Stoten entertained with his dance moves and sketchbook. Esra Gülmen and Ines Alpha showed some strong female power with their art and 3D designs.



Forward Stage


Here, people came in large numbers to enjoy a wide range of creative presentations from Nina Doll, A Color Bright, Holy Motors and many others. Pablo Stanley gave a very interactive talk as he drew and explained his technique. Meanwhile, LoopingLovers explored their workflow using motion art. Ada Sokol captivated the audience with her detailed farytaile 3D designs and Vera-Maria Glahn deep-dived into methods and mechanisms of creative leadership.


Tutorial Stage

This year’s new stage shined with interactive sessions from Bueno, Ana Chubinidze, Victoria Weber and many others. The audience took the chance to gain new insights and explore the possibilities of programs, techniques, and workflows with the speakers themselves.



And much more …

As we delve into the heart of the festival, let’s not overlook the thrilling side events and experiences that unfold throughout and beyond the diverse array of presentations. It wasn’t just our cherished speakers who elevated the festival to a level of pure sophistication; our partners, music performances, parties, delectable cuisine, enlightening workshops, and of course, our fantastic audience all played important roles in making the festival a success. We truly believe that pictures speak volumes, so feel free to enjoy the vibrant moments we’ve skillfully captured.





Forward Festival Vienna

Last week we finished off 2023 with Forward Vienna and it was a blast. With top 20+ speakers creatives from around the world gathered to get inspired and connected.


Talks on the Mainstage

The diverse lineup in Vienna featured exceptional speakers, including the multi-talented Gavin Strange, the filmmaker Anna Ginsburg, the renowned illustrator Yuko Shimizu, marketing expert Andy Pearson, and many other notable figures. Stefan Sagmeister guided both the onsite audience and the Livestream viewers through the program including some Q&A’s with speakers like Simone Cihlar, Process Studio and many others. Ju Schnee, in particular, captivated the audience with her captivating 3D work, all while sharing both her remarkable achievements and her valuable insights from her experiences, including her failures.



This year’s workshops were hosted in the hip PRST Club, conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from Gartenbaukino in Vienna. The atmosphere at PRST Club was electrified as Lichterloh unveiled their mesmerizing light installation, providing a captivating insight into the intricate process behind its creation. Anthony Burrill, a luminary in the creative realm, imparted invaluable wisdom to emerging talents, elevating their portfolios with his expertise. Meanwhile, Stephanie Meisl led the audience on a fascinating journey into the realm of artificial intelligence, offering profound insights and thought-provoking prompts that left attendees inspired and enlightened.



Side Events & Art Performances

Amidst the Festival’s enlightening talks and immersive workshops, a plethora of exhilarating events unfolded to further enrich the experience. At Gartenbaukino, attendees had the opportunity to rejuvenate with a relaxing vacuum session, delve into captivating exhibitions curated by fellow creatives, or partake in the lively ‘Red Heuriger’ showcasing artistry by Tyrone Egbowon. For those seeking a touch of entertainment, the karaoke bar by HFA-Studio provided a stage for vocal talents to shine. As the sun set on each vibrant day of creativity, spirited parties created the perfect ambiance for designers to forge deeper connections with their peers, fostering an even stronger sense of community and collaboration.



We are looking forward to return in 2024 with full energy, even more speakers, happenings, workshops and exhibitions. To stay updated and be the first to know about all our updates subscribe to our Newsletter now! For now enjoy a few impressions from this years Forward Festivals and if you missed it we recommend checking out all the talks from Vienna in our Video on demand Player. See you all next year!

Image Credits:
1,3,9,10 © Niklas Schnaubelt,
2,4,5,7 © Nils Leon Brauer,
6,8 © Fabian Brennecke
11,12,15 © Stefan Brandstetter
13,14 © Hannah Schierholz