Brace yourself for the latest trend forecast from Gen Z on Instagram’s Trend Report. Our data-driven guide brings you the top game-changing issues that will shape social media culture in 2023. From thrifting revolution to politics and financial Renaissance, we’ve got the scoop on what’s hot this year. Whether it’s art, beauty, music, or metaverse, we’ve got you covered.


The 2023 Trend Report was created with the help of a comprehensive study of 16-24 aged users on Instagram. They partnered with WGSN in October 2022 to discover the topics, issues, and trends that are most important to young people on the platform in the United States. Are the US socials living up to Europe’s expectations? Let’s find out!


Recycle, Reuse,Reconstruct

In 2023, Gen Z is taking fashion into their own hands. They’re all about sustainability and DIY clothing as a way to reduce their impact on the environment and steer clear of fast fashion.

Get ready for a thrifting revolution in 2023! More consumers are planning to hunt for secondhand clothing. In fact, when asked what they’d do if a clothing item was out of their budget, over a quarter of Gen Z buyers said they’d head straight to the thrift store. Are you ready to join the hunt?


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Making moves

In 2023, a significant portion of social media users will prioritize cause-driven purchasing. As a generation known for their activism, they are dedicated to using their purchasing power for good.

Gen Z has strong political beliefs and as more of them become eligible to vote, the report can expect to see increased visibility and activism for the issues that matter to them. In 2022, Maxwell Frost became the first Gen Z member of Congress in the US. Instagram predicts that more members of Gen Z will engage with creators who advocate for people with disabilities.


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Alternative perspectives on the metaverse

Gen Z is building a world that’s all their own in the metaverse. They’re using digital spaces to express their individuality and push for equity. For example, 67% of users believe avatars should better represent diverse body types, clothing, and skin tones in the coming year. And when it comes to fashion and beauty inspiration, over half of Gen Z social media users are turning to virtual influencers and AI for the latest trends.


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Side hustle or Financial Renaissance

Get ready for the rise of the social media entrepreneur in 2023! Nearly two-thirds of Gen Z plans to use social media to make money this year. And it’s not just for full-time creators – 64% of Gen Z social media users plan to monetize a project in the coming year.

Financial literacy is also a top priority for this generation, with over 85% planning to learn a new skill in 2023, and 25% of teen social media users wanting to improve their financial skills. Instagram is a hot spot for turning passions into income, with many creators using the platform to express themselves and have fun while also monetizing their content.



Creator trends for 2023: Community and participation

Creators and fans will come together in person. Many young social media users are excited to turn their digital relationships into real-life experiences, with almost a third looking forward to events like creator conventions and meet and greets.

As for content creation, mixed media is the way to go. Gen Z followers want to see their favorite influencers branch out into new forms of media, like podcasts (over 40% of Gen Z followers want to hear podcasts from their favorite creators in 2023).


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The rave is back again

Raves are all about being present, connecting, and letting go, and Gen Z is ready to embrace them fully. In fact, 68% of social media users from 16-24 plan to attend or want to attend a rave this year. Music is also a unifying force for them, with many embracing global sounds and a diverse range of genres like KPOP and Latinx music. Over half of Gen Z respondents in our study said they plan to listen to non-English-speaking artists in 2023.


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Mindful and expressive Beauty

In 2023, users are using makeup and beauty products as a form of self-expression. They’re more likely to use these products to showcase their personality than to feel more beautiful. So get ready to see them rock some bold and expressive makeup looks!

But it’s not just about the aesthetics – Gen Z is also conscious of the impact their beauty choices have on the environment. Two out of three Gen Z shoppers plan to buy skincare and beauty products that protect against extreme weather and sun exposure. With issues like rising air pollution and intense UV rays on the rise, they’re searching for climate-proof products to keep their skin healthy and protected.


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