Animation collective MegaComputeur created a hilarious new video featuring two clumsy robbers trying to rob a grocery store.

The collective is made up of six students; Camille Jalabert, Léo Brunel, Quentin Camus, Corentin Yvergniaux, Maryka Laudet and Oscar Malet. They came together after an internship at Paris-based Wizz Design. For their first project, which was created at Wizz, MegaComputeur has created Deuspi, a film that tells the tale of two hapless robbers and their attempts at stealing from a convenience store.


The short is based on a surveillance video the team saw on the internet where three French robbers are trying to rob a grocery store, but the police arrive on the scene by chance so arrest them. “The video really made us laugh, so we chose to do a story about robbers,” says MegaComputeur. “We wanted to do something funny and violent at the same time, while keeping a kind of ‘French touch’.”


The animation uses 3D animation to bring its characters to life and the world MegaComputeur has created is packed with crisp detail, giving the slapstick moments extra punch. With no dialogue, the visuals along with the well-timed sound effects are imperative for the pacy narrative. “I think our style is varied, but we tend to laugh a lot at black humour, gore and NSFW things,” explains the collective. “What’s funny with animated 3D movies is that the media is mainly intended for children, which is precisely why we wanted to use this technique with our sense of humour to surprise the audience.”


The video was also featured as part of Forward ’17 partner Vimeo’s editorial feed Vimeo Staff Picks.