Graffiti artist Banksy says he has been forced to open his own homeware store following a legal dispute involving a greeting cards company. The new store, called Gross Domestic Product sells art, homewares and disappointment to randomly selected buyers who must answer the question: “Why does art matter?”.



Banksy aims to make people think not only with his artworks. Here, he just asks 1 simple question and gets millions of not that simple answers.



We have collected some answers from our office and friends.


“Because it doesn’t intend to matter.“


„Art is like a therapy, healing and helping but unlike real therapy, it is easier, faster and less stressful. Imagine seeing your therapist and imagine going to the gallery. I choose the therapist but the gallery can be cool for some people.“



“It helps a half decent human beings to understand the world.“


“Art opens the door into the world where we as people can feel freedom. Art develops our thinking, therefore we can create bigger things. Makes our lives better, not that tedious, full of joy.“



“Because the art has no limits and neither do we.“


“Because it’s simply a way to express yourself and at the same time to understand the others.“



Why does art matter? Because it’s limitless, healing, joyful but mainly because it means something different to each one of us. Let Banksy know what you’re thinking on his online shop.



The responses will be judged by English comedian Adam Bloom, who wants customers to make their answer as amusing, informative or enlightening as possible.
“We can’t ever weed out all the people who just want to flip for profit, but we can weed out the unfunny ones,” wrote Banksy.