In the vast world of design, women designers have left a mark with their exceptional talent, innovation, and unwavering dedication. From 3D to fashion, graphic to industrial design, their contributions have shaped the industry and inspired generations. In this article, we celebrate these remarkable women, their groundbreaking work, and the barriers they’ve overcome. Join us to discover works that spark social change.



Pauline Wiersema

Pauline Wiersema, a Design Academy graduate in 2018, employs humor as a design tool to bridge the gap between the public and politics. Her talent led her to contribute to the slogan and concept of the political party GroenLinks’ 2023 election campaign. Using her design skills, Wiersema aims to promote a better understanding of contemporary politics in a lighthearted manner.



Shawna X

Shawna X, an independent artist and creative based in New York, is making waves with her vibrant, graphical image-making across digital, spatial, and motion mediums. Her work extends to diverse industries, collaborating with renowned clients such as New Yorker, New York Times, Nike and Google. Shawna X’s artistic passion revolves around exploring cultural identity, the creative process, and, more recently, the transformative journey of motherhood.




Tracy Ma

Meet Tracy, a New York-based designer with a diverse skill set. Previously the deputy creative director of Bloomsburg Businessweek, she stands out for her ability to infuse humor and courage into her work. Tracy is a strong advocate for female designers, emphasizing the importance of showcasing their achievements.




Liza Enebeis

Creative Director and Partner at Studio Dumbar/DEPT®, an award-winning international agency specializing in visual branding and motion. An MA Design graduate from the Royal College of Art, London. Before joining Studio Dumbar she worked for Pentagram London for several years. Liza co-founded and host the first podcast station to focus on type and design with over 550 episodes giving a voice to established and upcoming designers from all around the world.




Alyssia Lou

Meet Alyssia Lou, the talented graphic designer and art director based in Berlin. With a specialization in creative consultancy, artistic direction, and designing identities, printed materials, books, and websites, Alyssia collaborates with global brands, institutions, and individuals. Experience her unique visual stories as she continues to shape the creative landscape.




Kaho Yoshida

Kaho is a director and animator, with a special passion for stop motion and mixed media. She was subsequently subject to the even harsher reality of being an Asian woman in western society. Her fresh aesthetics and sense of humour bring life to every frame, and her love for storytelling makes her work extremely vivid.



Hezin O

Hezin O is a graphic designer based in Seoul, South Korea. She has been running a graphic design studio OYE since 2014, working primarily in the cultural field on editorial design, exhibition identity, illustration and publishing projects.




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