She came into the world in 1995, and was soon featured in fashion and lifestyle magazines, loved by photographers and readers alike. A film career followed, including appearances in “Sex & the city”, “Spiderman” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”.

Engaged by VISA for an advert, she soon gained the status of an icon: the X1 espresso machine.




More than 20 years ago, Francesco Illy and Luca Trazzi came together to make a dream come true: to create a beautiful coffee machine, available in any colour, which would make good coffee and make people smile. Francesco Illy, a creative mind and driver of innovation, supplied the coffee-making expertise. He represents the third generation of the Illy coffee roasting family from Trieste and has marketed their blend in Switzerland since 1979 under the brand Amici Caffè. In Luca Trazzi, the award-winning Italian designer, he found his ideal partner.


LUZERN, 25. APRIL 2012 - ILLY CAFFE: EROEFFNUNG DES ERSTEN AM ICI STORES DER SCHWEIZ: Amici Caffe AG eroeffnet an der Stadthausstrasse 4 in Luzern den ersten Schweizer Store. Der Shop wurde designt durch Ernesto Illy. Im Bild die Familie Illy und der neue Amici Store in Luzern. ths/Photo by: E.T.STUDHALTER / AMICI CAFFE


Before long, the pair had created the X1, a retro-futuristic coffee machine. Francesco Illy and Luca Trazzi were the first to experiment with combining metal, form and colour in a household appliance. And they were successful: today, more than 20 years later, the X1 is the world’s most photographed coffee machine and a design icon. The X1 is available in 9 colours. Over the years, fans have seen X1 machines in gold laminate, chrome-plated brass, stainless steel and even as a titanium version. There is an X1 for every coffee fan, whether they use powdered coffee, paper coffee pods or capsules. The iconic machine is available from Galleria Amici, Pelikanstrasse 37, Zurich or online.