Everyone, regardless of age, has their own style of expressing themselves. Mishou is a one-of-a-kind example of a non-profit all-ages art magazine! Featuring work by artists aged 15 and younger, interactive sections, and collaborations between generations, Mishou strives to validate children’s identities as individuals and artists while also encouraging intergenerational dialogue through the arts. Get inspired by children’s vast imagination and openness. Encourage kids to apply!

Whether you read the magazine by yourself, with a friend, teacher, or family member, Mishou takes you on a vivid journey through a variety of forms of art and artists. 50% of each issue is donated to schools, teachers, nonprofit organizations centered around early childhood arts education, and individual kids.


Dizzy Dollhouse, Dena Seiferling, © Mishou Magazine, 2022


Each issue of Mishou Magazine has seven sections, including features of an adult artists’ work next to their work as a child; activities like mazes, puzzles and drawing; collaborative illustrated projects; kids’ art based on a prompt. There is also the Dizzy Dollhouse section, which features an artist working in 3D, and a Bonus Section with art book recommendations for kids, interviews with young climate activists, and more. The last Issue 4: Mystery is available to order here.


Taxsee by Jaiden Genesis Evans, © Mishou Magazine


Mishou Magazine calls for submissions based on a prompt seen in the previous issue. Artist and educator Kayla Ephros creates a new prompt idea in form of drawing or writing that she hopes will inspire you to make art! All submissions will be shown on Mishou’s website here, and some of them will be printed in the magazine! Even if you don’t submit, you can still try them out!


© Mishou Magazine


This magazine is a papery space where you can take a break from your screens, and still connect with people all around the world. By centering juvenile art within a contemporary context Mishou shows people how to be creative in a variety of ways.


The Voynich Manuscript, © Mishou Magazine, 2022


The Magazine is published by Dizzy Books, an art book and magazine focused on bridging the gap between artists of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of exposure. If you are an educator that would like copies of the magazine, please contact them here.


© Mishou Magazine


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Cover credits: Marisa Takal: Then and Now; Nas, age 8, © Mishou Magazine, 2022