Ada Sokól

Ada Sokól takes our fairytale fantasies and brings them to life.


Ada is an unusual blend of an artist and a designer. Her works allow the viewers a glance into her extraordinary imagination and transport them to bizarre worlds she creates.


Her unique visual language consists of sensual, photorealistic and delicate works. They evoke an ultra-sensory experience that often ties play in futuristic settings or fantastic sceneries. Ada’s personal projects are always highly conceptual and show great attention to detail and her individual style.


As an independent artist, Ada quickly made her way to be one of the leading 3D artists. She lived in London and Paris, where her unique sense of style developed. She has been commissioned by top brands such as Nike, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Rimowa and Gentle Monster to create global campaigns, videos and multimedia installations.

The future doesn’t look bright. Almost all scientists, activists, and even fortune tellers agree that we destroyed our home planet’s future beyond repair due to humanity’s collected choices. But is there really no way to change our practices and mend what we still can?

Join Ada Sokół, the unique solarpunk fairy, 3d artist, and digital activist who, in her whimsical renders of fantastical visions, highlights one’s responsibility toward the environment. In her previous essays and talks, she shares the idea of technology co-existing with nature and thriving on it. Get to know how we can implement those values in our daily lives.