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The End of the Work-Life Balance.

How creative teams can finally focus on being happy at work


Awork is represented by its Co-Founder and CEO, Tobias Hagenau.


The boundaries between private and professional life have never been as blurred as they are today. Thus, the term work-life balance is everywhere.


But is a clear separation between work and life still desirable? And isn’t work a part of life? Who even is to decide when other people’s lives are in balance?


Join our talk to learn about:
– Why we should be talking about work-happiness instead of work-life balance.
– Why focusing on being happy at work makes juggling your work schedule and private life come naturally.
– How to create a work environment that helps your team grow and is drives you to create things you’re proud of.


Awork was founded in 2019 to help creative teams organise with ease. Since then, 2.000 companies have changed the way they work for the better with aworks help. With less admin, hassle, and everyday confusion, these teams rediscover the reason for loving what they do.


Besides building beautiful software, they understand it as their own experiment in how to productively build and run a joyful creative team. Lessons from their own growth and clients’ developments are what they share every day. From NGOs organising worldwide volunteering to network agencies building advertising power houses to small creative teams working at the frontier of design – they digest their best-practices into repeatable, reusable patterns.


Awork will speak at the Forward Festival Berlin in September and Vienna in October. Next to them, you will be able to hear Creatives like Field, Cachetejack, EASYdoesit and many more.