Charlotte Rohde

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Charlotte Rohde creates an external body for every message she sends.


In her talk, Charlotte is going to talk about her holistic research approach regarding performativity, image theory and simulacra and simulation. As her practice spans a lot of media that go from a popular to an academic tone really quickly. She will demonstrate her methodology and the power she sees in amateurism as a tool as well as in meme culture.


Charlotte is a (type-)designer and artist, currently based in Amsterdam and Berlin. Like for most type designers, the way type looks is as important as the message itself. For her, Typefaces are comparable to the human body: It is a tool and also the creation of both an athlete and a pop star.


Hyper-femininity, hydro-feminism and (self-)control are huge parts in her creative work and will be part of her talk as well.


Charlotte Rohde will speak at the Forward Festival Hamburg in April. Next to them, you will be able to hear Creatives like Looping Lovers, Nina Doll, SNASK and many more.