Eike König

Eike König? Any design hipster will nod enthusiastically at the very name.


At first glance, König’s route seems so simple here: Serial repetition, little color, bold type, short statements, and omnipotent branding are all thrown into the mixer.  Then, with no great shock absorption, chased across the cobblestones of modern, economically-shaped data highways.


Eike König produces not answers, but rather discourse. Partly with autobiographical justification, in his creative structures. For moments, he becomes the deconstructivist in a world in which brands crumble into ever smaller particles.


The grid-free swarm intelligence that thus comes to light issues a refusal of classic readability. But Eike wouldn’t merit his kingly surname if he did not touch upon the anti-aesthetic tabernacle with quite so much virtuosity or has invented his very own visual chaos theory.


Portrait ©Cat Garcia