Erik Spiekermann

The Type Mastermind Erik Spiekermann.


Erik Spiekermann is one of the world’s best known faces in graphic design. Two of his typefaces, FF Meta and ITC Officina, are considered to be modern classics.


He co‑founded several design companies such as MetaDesign, United Designers and Edenspiekermann. Erik has been directing corporate design and signage projects for Volkswagen, Bosch as well as the German railways. He is also the reason why you don’t get lost in the Berlin underground or Düsseldorf airport. He is the creator of its information systems.


As a type designer he has always been the ultimate team player, involving younger, single-minded talents. At an age when others retire to the countryside, he is back where it all once started. He is having fun with metal and wood type in his own letterpress printing shop in downtown Berlin.