Eva Cremers

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Evas playful 3D illustrations are hard to forget and make you want to see more.


Eva is a Dutch 3D illustrator with a consistently playful, fun and cheeky style.


She started working and experimenting in 3D in 2019 and has been hooked ever since, she is another example of how going the extra-mile, discipline, and diving right into your fears pays off.


Eva collaborated with brands such as Apple, Nike, Samsung and Facebook amongst others, in both the physical and digital world. With the use of bold colours, characters with charm and a graphic CGI style, she tries to create artwork that sparks joy and brings huge smiles on people’s faces!


Eva Cremers will speak at the Forward Festival Amsterdam in May. Next to her, you will be able to hear Creatives like Baugasm, Dada Projects, Studio Feixen and many more.