Gavin Strange

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Peter Pan of the Creative World.


His talks are fast, fun and filled with GIFs. The British designer Gavin Strange takes pride in being a realistic idealist while sharing stories and tips on how to be the best creative you can be. He does not hesitate to also acknowledge the barriers and blockades that can often stop us in our tracks as creatives.

By Day, Gavin is a Director and Designer for the UK’s beloved creative studio Aardman Animations. By night he goes under the alias of JamFactory, indulging in all manner of passion projects from music to movies. He’s a keynote speaker, giving creative talks around the world from Mexico to Manchester and he’s the author behind the motivational mantra ‘DO Fly’, published by the DO Book Company.

Director & Designer Gavin Strange plots his creative journey through his time in the design and film industry– picking it apart and extracting the lessons and learnings from it all. It’s loud, silly, and hopefully energizing. The aim of the game is to convince YOU to make more of the stuff that makes YOUR heart sing.

Gavin will speak at the Forward Festival Vienna in October. Next to him, you will be able to hear Creatives like Ju Schnee, Anthony Burrill and many more.