Jean-Remy von Matt

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Jean-Remy von Matt: How to become happily dissatisfied.


Jean-Remy was born in Brussels in 1952, grew up in Zurich and has lived in Germany since 1975, today in Berlin. He spent almost five decades as a creative in various advertising agencies.


In 1991, he and his partner Holger Jung founded Jung von Matt, which soon became one of the largest agencies in Europe, repeatedly awarded as the worlds Nr. 1 independent agency at the Cannes Lions.
In 2020, he started to work with conceptual art. Soon he had his first exhibitions in museums and galleries. Currently, he is part of the exhibition “Beyond Fame” at the Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf.


His best-known work to date, reviewed in numerous publications, are his lifetime installations, with which he makes our transience visible and thereby conscious. Already in 2002, Jean-Remy developed a lifetime clock for himself.
As a creative mind, the shapeable future fascinates him much more than the already finished past. That’s why our life expectancy is one of his favorite themes.


Jean-Remy firmly believes that the best never comes easy.
It starts with dissatisfaction, without it, no idea, no innovation, no initiative will happen.
And ends with micromanagement, without it, no creative excellence can be achieved.
But there is hope: Simply tackle these efforts with unleashed joy!


Jean-Remy will speak at the Forward Festival Hamburg in April. Next to him, you will be able to hear Creatives like Deutsche & Japaner, Charlotte Rohde, SNASK and many more.