Loulou João

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Beyond Boundaries: Navigating the Focketverse with Loulou João’s Interdimensional Artistry.


Loulou João is an Afro Belgian visual artist. Due to her mixed roots she developed an interdimensional worldview. Because of this she attempts to shine a different light on the narration and representation of women belonging to the Afro diaspora. She sees blackness as a technology. One that is constantly evolving to survive and go up against the barriers trying to keep them down.


Out of a necessity she visualizes her own reality through the use of 3D software (blender). A world that consists of candy coated squishy objects. All while using hyper femme cuteness as her visual language to create a safe space called the Focketverse. One where she is able to focus on the expression of her authentic self without any constructs weighing her down. Giving her the opportunity to reflect and create a platform to harbor new and meaningful connections.


Loulou will speak at the Forward Festival Vienna in October. Next to her, you will be able to hear Creatives like Cihan Tamti, Mr. Bingo, Studio Dumbar and many more.