Nina Doll

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Exploring new possibilities in digital fashion & craftsmanship


Nina Doll is a digital Fashion designer and CGI artist based in Berlin, Germany.


While finishing her master degree in fashion design she switched her workflow into the digital realm. The main focus of her work is exploring how to combine fashion craftsmanship with the new possibilities digital fashion is offering and experimenting with garments & techniques that would not be possible in real life.


She also loves creating with organic and abstract shapes to either turn them into artwork themselves or to use them as elements within imagery.


In her talk, Nina will showcase the different possibilities that the implementation of CGI within the Fashion Industry has to offer. Additionally she will explain why the use of 3D within the Fashion industry is so important and where this could move to in the future.


Nina Doll will speak at the Forward Festival Hamburg in April. Next to her, you will be able to hear Creatives like Deutsche & Japaner, Charlotte Rohde, Jean-Remy von Matt and many more.