Studio Dumbar // DEPT®

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Creatively, the possibilities of design are limitless – Studio Dumbar // DEPT®.


Studio Dumper will be represented Liza Enebeis.


STUDIO DUMBAR/DEPT® is an international agency with a Dutch heritage, specializing in visual branding and motion.
Attracting talented individuals from around the world.

The portfolio is equally diverse, encompassing work for a variety of clients both large and small – from corporate to non-profit.


Projects span from the Dutch Railways visual identity, Adidas Futurenatural identity, MTV, Video and Music awards campaign to initiating and designing DEMO, the world largest design in motion festival.
EVERYTHING IN MOTION – Searching for the boundaries of experimentation, behaviour, tools, materials and collaborative technology to define the core of an identity. This will be the main topic of Studio Dumbar.


Liza will speak at the Forward Festival Vienna in October. Next to her, you will be able to hear Creatives like Cihan Tamti, Luis Perez, Sofia Crespo and many more.