The Rodina

Let’s get physical – at least your imagination.


Tereza Ruller will represent The Rodina.


Independend designer and educator Tereza Ruller is known to activate the audience’s imagination. Through her practice called The Rodina she tests strategies of performance art, play, and subversion. Due to Tereza’s unique approach she learned the value of her work and how to make it stand out. She will help you see the value in your creative work and how to stand up for it.
Both in commissioned work and in autonomous practice, Tereza activates and re-imagines a dazzling range of layered meanings around the surface of design.


Tereza is a lecturer of Society and Change class at Design Academy Eindhoven and gives talks and workshops internationally. Her commissioners are mostly cultural institutions such as Harvard, Sonic Acts Foundation and Stroom Den Haag.


During this talk Tereza Ruller tries to answer questions by introducing a range of methods and approaches –including performativity, embodiment, and processuality. These techniques allow designers to go beyond the traditional boundaries of graphic design and embrace inclusivity, challenge norms, resist power structures, and convey previously marginalized stories. Undoubtedly, Wicked Worlding positions communication design as a performative world-making practice.