Theresa Kaindl

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Change of perspective with Theresa Kaindl 


Theresa Kaindl was born in Austria in 1993.


She discovered her love for photography when she was encouraged by her teacher to enter a competition. As a result she won the Austrian Youth Championship Award in 2013.


After winning the competition again in 2014, having her first exhibition and first publication in a magazine, Theresa spent a year in New York City.


After her year in NYC she worked as a fulltime Photographer at Agentur-LOOP where she had the opportunity to work international for clients such as Puma, Corona, Skiny, Paul Green … 2017 she decided to follow her own paths and since then she is working as a freelance photographer focused on fashion. She is based in Vienna and Berlin.

Join Theresa Kaindl for her talk where she’ll share her journey from self-taught beginnings to professional success. With a focus on nurturing a positive mindset, believing in oneself, and embracing competition as motivation, Theresa will provide real-life examples of her experiences, including her work with teams and clients.


Theresa will speak at the Forward Festival Vienna in October. Next to her, you will be able to hear Creatives like Liquid Death, Yuko Shimizu and many more.