Ulises Studio

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Redefining the Future of Architecture with Creative Vision and Technological Innovation.


Ricardo Orts will represent Ulises Studio.


Ricardo Orts, a Spanish architect based in Berlin, runs Ulises Design Studio, pushing the boundaries of design with near-future architectures and poetic atmospheres.Their immersive visualizations blend aesthetics, sustainability, and functionality, challenging conventional notions. Through collaboration and innovative technologies, they inspire others to shape the future of spatial design.


Ricardo Orts and his team at Ulises Design Studio are driven by their passion for exploring uncharted territories in architectural imagination. Their transformative work serves as an inspiration for others to dream, innovate, and shape the world we inhabit.


The talk will center on their applications, in both commercial and artistic projects, delving into the encountered advantages and challenges, along with reflections on themes of ownership, novel aesthetics, and authenticity in the expansive AI landscape that engulfs our everyday social media sphere.


Ulises will speak at the Forward Festival Berlin in September. Next to them, you will be able to hear Creatives like Ines Alpha, Jonathan Castro, The Rodina and many more.