Accenture Interactive // Kaitlyn Chang

Where the f*ck is George?

When one thinks of Nespresso, it’s hard to not think of George Clooney, and him saying “Nespresso. What else?” with his charming face. This is of course due to years of worldwide TV campaigns and brand asset building, done superbly well.


However, when one goes to Nespresso product pages on their online shops or on Amazon – George is sadly nowhere to be seen. Instead, we’re used to only seeing boring product photos and very long search engine optimized texts that no one reads. We take this for granted, as the “normal” for e-commerce. But should it be the normal?


Accenture’s new POV, Brand eXperience Commerce(BXC), was based on this question. How can brands better do their storytelling on e-commerce, how can brands better utilize all the painstakingly produced assets, so that they can continue living on the “digital shelves”?


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