Intriguing lectures, inspiring artists, great networking opportunities: This year’s Forward Festival kickoff in April in Vienna was a full success. One of many highlights: The Adobe Stock Creative Jam event, a competition in which ten pre-selected teams had the chance to prove their creative skills.


Designing, illustrating, composing: creating artwork with Adobe Stock under time pressure. At the end of the evening the best work was awarded by a jury consisting of the Creative Jam host DXTR The Weird, Othmar Handl himself and other festival speakers. The participants not only had the chance to create some unique pieces of art in an exciting and very special atmosphere, but were also rewarded with prizes from Wacom, Adobe and Adobe Stock.


A team creating their artwork at the Adobe Stock Creative Jam in Vienna


Now here is the best part: Vienna was only the first of four cities to host this year’s Forward Festival. This means you can still apply for the Adobe Stock Creative Jam events  in Munich, Zurich or Hamburg and have the chance to win a prize.


Let us introduce: DXTR The Weird


Before the contest starts, Berlin-based illustrator and digital artist Dennis Schuster aka DXTR shares an exciting look behind the scenes of his creative work and introduces the audience to some of his projects: He is known as the founder of the art collective THE WEIRD as well as for his advertising designs for international clients such as Amnesty International and Pepsi. After his very interesting talk he leads through the Creative Jam as the event’s host and coach for the competing teams.


DXTR talking at Forward Festival Vienna


After DXTR announces the topic for the competition, the teams have only two and a half hours to create something unique that will convince the jury. Using Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock, they can let their creativity run wild – no matter what creative direction they originally come from. Whether an illustration, a compilation or something completely different: the more original and witty, the better. There are no limits to imagination.


DXTR during his keynote at Forward Festival Vienna


Teamwork is key at the Adobe Stock Creative Jam


This is how you can participate


Are you up for the challenge? Apply now and get the chance to compete with other talented artists from your area. Just send us an e-mail to including some references (Behance, Instagram, Website, Facebook, etc) and using the subject “Application Adobe Stock Creative Jam + City”.


  • Application deadlines:
    27.05. for Munich
    27.05. for Zurich
    01.07. for Hamburg



  • You need a valid Adobe ID and Adobe Stock (please create beforehand, if not already existent)


  • Participants agree that Adobe and Adobe Stock may use and publish the artwork


Franziska Parschau and Dexter presenting the Adobe Stock Creative Jam winner


During the Adobe Stock Creative Jam Award Ceremony


This is what you can win


While joining is worthwhile in any case (as you get a free Forward ticket and will have an exciting experience), additional prizes are waiting for all Creative Jam participants:


  • 1st Place:
    2x surprise package from Wacom
    2x Adobe Creative Cloud 1 year plan
    2x Adobe Stock 1 year plan: 10 Standard Stock Assets a month


  • 2nd Place:
    2x Surprise package from Wacom
    Adobe Stock 1 year plan: 10 Standard Stock Assets a month


  • 3rd Place:
    Adobe Stock 1 year plan: 10 Standard Stock Assets a month


  • All other participants (Place 4 – 10):
    Adobe Stock 3 month plan: 10 Standard Stock Assets a month


Don’t hesitate and apply now for the Adobe Stock Creative Jam. The last open seats will quickly be gone!


All pictures taken by Julian Mittelstaedt.