The creative world is evolving constantly, with innovations and new technologies reshaping how artists, designers, and entrepreneurs represent themselves to the public. The Forward Festival, known for its celebration of creativity and creatives, has introduced a Tutorial Stage at its new venue in HKW Berlin, collaborating with Squarespace for the hosting of three tutorials and one hands-on workshop. The collaboration between Forward and Squarespace aims to empower creatives, providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to establish a captivating online presence.


In this article, we give our readers a sneak peak into the program and explore how the experts will help festival attendees step up their website game and grow their online presence. The tutorials and workshop presented by Squarespace aim to help creative minds succeed online without having any coding language using the all-in-one platform’s products and tools. From showcasing your own work and personality online on your website to building a thriving creative online business, the program touches upon the importance of unleashing your creativity when building out your online presence.



“​​The internet gives creative people endless possibilities to live life on their own terms. But what can you do to succeed and thrive with your creative business?” – Eleanor Mayrhofer, Squarespace Expert


Tutorials can be attended by Forward Berlin Festival-ticket holders, for the workshop it’s necessary to book an extra seat and to prepare some content. You can find all info and links below at the end of the article!


Introducing our tutorial lineup


“How owning my digital real estate helped me to succeed as an independent illustrator and designer” by Giulia Hartz



Illustrator Giulia Hartz will talk about the different pivots she had to make in her career, what she learned from each, and how building an online site with Squarespace ultimately helped her build a freelancing network and connect with her digital community.

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“How to market yourself and expand your business as a creative” by Eleanor Mayrhofer


Small business expert Eleanor Mayrhofer will teach the audience not only on how to increase visibility but also include various tips on how to stand out when building a successful creative business while covering topics like honing in on your craft, thinking of offers beyond freelance contracts, how to cultivate creative thought leadership and speaking opportunities and more.

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“How to Become a web designer in 2023” by Victoria Weber



Website designer Victoria Weber will deep-dive into building websites for clients – without being or hiring a front-end developer. Victoria will show you how to live from your creativity – and do it well! This Tutorial offers a bunch of tips on how to build a successful web design business according to your own criteria.

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“Designing a (portfolio) website from scratch in 1.5 hours – without coding” by Victoria Weber (Workshop / registration needed!)



In her additional workshop, Victoria will guide through the process of building a portfolio or business website with Squarespace and bringing it live – all within just 1.5 hours. She’ll cover topics like how to best structure your website, what to be aware of when incorporating images, quick eye catching designs and SEO hacks will be shared along the way and you can leave the workshop with your very own newly launched website!

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About Squarespace

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This part of the program is presented by Squarespace.