Together with OHNE DEN HYPE, Forward welcomes you inside the mind of creatives, artists and designers! In intimate and personal conversations with Forward-speakers, industry legends and creative shooting stars, the podcast revolves around personal topics – completely without the hype that usually surrounds them. This fourtheens edition focuses not really on the life and creative work of type designer Julian Zimmermann from Deutsche & Japaner who talks to Sven Jürgensmeier about something completely else. In fact they talked about Julian’s Bachelor Thesis and in it, he was working on an identity for King Bansah.


Julian Zimmermann is a founder and partner of Deutsche & Japaner.

Deutsche & Japaner is a creative Studio based in Mannheim and Berlin. The Studio offers services in various disciplines and expands the spectrum of graphic design to include scenography as well as conceptual creation, art direction and type development while placing great emphasis on sustainable experiences. They drive on an interdisciplinary design approach based on a core of identity and branding work. Aesthetically they are trying to reinvent their language constantly while keeping a puristic, sometimes playful tone.


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In this episode Sven and Julian talked about Céphas Bansah, who came from Ghana, worked as a car mechanic in Germany, became a pop star, and then became king of a region in Ghana.

Go listen to the full episode and get a glimpse into the Bachelor Thesis of Julian Zimmermann with us.