Let us introduce you to the Heart Directors Club! Very well aware of the fact that artworks won’t save the world, the people behind Heart Directors Club also know that a little financial help can definitely make things easier!


Julia Löffler, Marcel Häusler


With the strong belief that charity has no limits and the conviction that creativity hasn’t either, the project was called to live in order to support projects with a good cause! Every month a selected group of artists and designers sell a limited edition of their works in order to fundraise money for NGOs and foundations that fight for equal rights, anti-racism, youth welfare, reforestation, and more!


Bareis & Nicolaus , Karl Anders


The October Edition kicks off with limited A2 poster prints contributed to MORIA. All money is being donated to #leavenoonebehind by Seebrücke. Organizations like Seebrücke support safe escape routes and Safe Harbours on a political level and fight for social change.


Jeremias Diekmann, Melanie Gandyra


The Heart Directors for the first round are:

Julia Löffler, Graphic Designer, Hamburg
Melanie Gandyra, Illustrator, Hamburg and Innsbruck
Bareis + Nicolaus, Design Studio, Stuttgart and Hamburg
Jeremias Diekmann, Graphic Designer, Cologne
Marcel Häusler, Creative Director, Paris
Karl Anders, Design Studio, Hamburg and Paris

If you want to take part or submit your work, you can simply contact them on Instagram (@heartdirectorsclub) or send them an email to info@heartdirectorsclub.org.

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