We are all affected by the current situation, therefore not only companies, but also people in the creative industries are offering their services for free to help overcome boredom during the lockdown. One of those creatives is Gary Hustwit, director of the film “RAMS”, which we showed at last years Forward Festival Vienna.

For the duration of the crisis, he lets you stream one of his films for free. Each week there will be another one available. “No catch, nothing to sign-up for, just free”, he claims and we are totally in for that. At the moment you can stream ‘Objectified‘.


Objectified Trailer from gary hustwit on Vimeo.


Gary says: “Will watching a film about fonts do a goddamn thing about this crisis? Probably not. But I make films, and hopefully you like films, so it’s one way I can contribute to the greater good right now.” We have nothing more to add here except for: Stay safe, wash your hands and together we will get through this!


Click here for the stream.