This year marks the 140th anniversary of the phonograph, the brainchild of inventor Thomas Edison. It transformed the face of music, and to pay tribute, the guys from Kozmophone wanted to bring that iconic shape back. What Edison might have never forseen is that one day his invention would also include a holographic display.


The Kozmophone is a modular speaker and turntable concept that shares Edison’s horn-style speaker design while also adding modern day touches like the flair of 6 color options, a detachable and portable horn speaker element, and Bluetooth connectivity.


Taken for itself this features are nothing new. Numerous turntables on the market offer some, a combination, or all of the same features. Where the Kozmophone distinguishes itself is with a holographic display inside the player’s main cylinder housing.


The 6 color options for the Kozmophone


The Kozmophone designers promise the ability for users to choose from a selection of holographic animations to accompany playback. Details about duration, resolution, or complexity of each holographic images are currently unavailable, but images of flying notes, dancers, and a silhouette of a drummer are all hinted as examples.


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem the option to upload your own video or animated loop to be converted into holographic accompaniment is in the cards, but hopefully Kozmophone’s team considers it as a future feature upgrade. At this moment the project is in its preliminary “sign up now” phase, but hopefully we’ll see something tangible soon.


The Kozmophone in white
The Kozmophone in white


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