The new project “Physics of Beauty” by Austrian musician Clemens Wenger and designers Alessia Scuderi and Gianluca Monaco is a music album presented on an interactive webpage.

As concerts, festivals, club nights, exhibitions and pretty much anything fun are canceled for the rest of the year, new ways of presenting art are desperately needed. While watching music videos on YouTube is all fun, there is another way to enjoy music. Musician Clemens Wenger has teamed up with designer Alessia Scuderi and web developer Gianluca Monaco to work on exciting and creative ways to release his new album.



Born from his composition work of the past four years, it traces Clemens Wenger’s fascination with physics and research in unfamiliar terrain. While listening to the almost two hour long album, you get to enjoy clean black and white design merging with the sound. As an interactive webpage, the listener gets involved by clicking on the designs and moving them in accordance to the music. Best enjoyed with headphones on desktop!


(c) Alex Gotter, Alessia Scuderi, Gianluca Monaco