Every month, the Forward Magazine brings you a selection of musical gems hand-picked by friends, musicians, speakers of the Forward Festival, and many more. The 28th edition is created by Gerfried Stocker, the mastermind behind Ars Electronica. As the platform´s managing and artistic director, he is one of this year´s highlights of Forward Festival Vienna.


Who better to speak about Digital Eyes than Gerfried Stocker? Ars Electronica has been analyzing and commenting on the Digital Revolution since 1979. As a heavyweight in the industry, the platform for art, technology, and society is worldwide unique. With his selection of music, Gerfried Stocker brings some of the Ars Electronica feeling directly into your mind.


(c) Ars Electronica


With the Forward Festival Vienna around the corner, Gerfried Stocker is setting you in the right mood by selecting his favorite tunes for the newest edition of our playlist series. Enjoy the mix of classic, ambiance, and jazz music, that lets you forget whatever you are doing right now and lets you dream of spheres far away. Press play to daydream a little!



Gerfried Stocker is a media artist and electronic engineer. Since 1995 he has been a managing and artistic director of Ars Electronica. Ever since then he is the one responsible for developing the groundbreaking exhibition strategies of Ars Electronica Center as well as the set-up and establishment of Ars Electronica´s own R&D facility, Ars Electronica Futurelab. He also is in charge of the platform´s program of international exhibition tours. At Forward Festival he will be speaking about his experiences, innovations, and more.